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The experiment and procedure code of JaguardBoard Serial Port

Abstract: JaguardBoard supports to communicate with other computers by serial port, and provides relevant hardware connectors

to expend its function. Now we will show you some basic guide of JaguarBoard serial port.

Topology of Experiment

PC USB port <——> USB to serial port tools <——> JaguarBoard serial port

PC sends data to JaguarBoard with serial port assistant tools by USB to serial port. JaguarBoard receives data by procedure code and displays on terminal.

Basic Equipment and Environment

  • Equipment: JaguarBoard card

                              USB HUB

                              USB to serial port tools (FT232)

                              Dupont Line

  •  Operation System: Windows 8.1

Exploit Tools


Experimental Procedure

Step 1: Connect USB to serial port with JaguarBoard by Dupont line

            Connet JaguarBoard RX3 and USB to serial port TX3 with dupont line, RXD <——> UART_3_TXD, GND <——> GND, TXD <——> .UART_3_RXD 


Step 2: Install serial port assistant software on PC and open it,


            Notice: Please choose the correct serial port.

Step 3: Start CodeBlocks, and create a new project, edit a procedure to read serial port data.


            procedure code:


            Notice: This procedure reads serial port data with basic file operation function, and displays on terminal. It is just a

test procedure, if need more applications, you could perfect its funtions yourself.

Step 4: Test

            Run serial port assistant on PC and try to send character string "test"


            Run serial port tes procedure on JaguarBoard, you will see character string "Hello JaguarBoard" on terminal.



Test Serial Port in Linux:



Notice: We just introduce how to use JaguarBoard UART to communication with other computer system, you could expend its functions by yourself, have a try!


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