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Here are some steps to enable uefi pxe function on Jaguarboard:

  1. Set Built-in EFI shell as first boot option

    a. When you power on the Jaguarboard, please press DEL to enter BIOS  setup utility:

    b. Choose Boot---->Boot Option #1------->UEFI: Built-in UEFI Shell:

  2. Load NIC drivers and get ipxe ready
    a.  You need to get a USB drive and copy to USB drive, then unzip it.

    b.  Insert the USB driver into Jaguarboard and power it on, then you will see the UEFI Shell:

    c. Input command "fs1:" to enter USB drive and go to directory "uefi-pxe" :

    d.  Load Driver for NIC and show driver list:

  3. Start UEFI PXE

    a. Run iPXE client and connecting UEFI PXE server:

    b. Then you will see the iPXE Boot Menu and choose the boot option you want.



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